Ms. Jackie

Head Teacher

I have been an educator for 20 years in the field of early childhood education. Every day I am excited to come into school to work and play with our students. Whether I am working with the playgroup babies or I′m in a class of nursery children, the children′s curiosity and interest in the world around them never fails to astonish me. At REGIS, I am privileged to be in the position to make a positive impact on the children′s development in their early years.


Ms. Barbara

Class Teacher

I have been an educator in Hong Kong for over ten years. Over the past four years, I have focused on early childhood education where I have found my calling in teaching. I run my classroom on consistent routines creating a comfortable and safe environment for young learners. I am also a Spanish language teacher and enjoy learning about all cultures. I hold a Bachelor′s Degree in English Language Studies and I am currently a candidate for a PGCE from Sunderland University.

我在香港當了十多年的教育家。在過去的四年裡,我一直專注於幼兒教育,在那裡我找到了我的教學使命。我以一致的程序運行我的課堂,為年輕的學習者創造一個舒適和安全的環境。我也是一名西班牙語老師,喜歡學習所有文化。我擁有英語語言研究學士學位,目前是桑德蘭大學 PGCE 的候選人。

Ms. Mia

Class Teacher

I am Ms. Mia. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and graduated last year with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Contemporary English Studies. I am happy to be a part of such a passionate team where we work together to strengthen the quality experience that REGIS offers its students. I provide a safe and happy environment where children can actively engage in activities and express their creativity to become high achievers. I am also very involved in dance and this greatly impacts the children to become ‘free’ and ‘expressive’.

我是Ms. Mia。我在香港出生和長大,去年於大學畢業並獲得當代英語研究(榮譽)文學士。我很高興能在這樣充滿熱情的團隊工作,並透過自己的經驗和技能,為REGIS 的學生提供優質的體驗。我讓孩子們可以在一個安全和愉快的環境下,積極地參與活動並表達他們的創意,在未來成為社會的棟樑。我也非常熱愛舞蹈,這有助孩子們自由發展及自信地表現自己。

 Ms. Naaz

Class Teacher

Hello everyone! My name is Ms. Naaz. I love children and I love teaching which is why I majored in Early Childhood Education at university. The early years is the best time in a child′s life as they start learning through play, curiosity, imagination and so much more. My seven years experience has shown me that there is never a dull moment being with children. I am so grateful to have a career in education, surrounded by the little ones and working with them everyday.

大家好!我是Ms. Naaz。我愛孩子及喜歡教學,這就是我在大學主修幼兒教育的原因。早期童年是孩子一生中最好的時期,因為他們在這個歲數開始透過遊戲、好奇心、想像力等等來學習。在七年的教學經驗中告訴我,和孩子在一起從來沒有沉悶的時刻。我很感激能夠從事教育工作,被小孩包圍並每天與他們一起。

Ms. Elaine

Class Teacher

I′m Ms. Elaine and I am a Chinese teacher at Regis Kindergarten. I completed my Bachelor′s Degree in Australia mastering in Business Studies and lived there for five years. Upon returning to Hong Kong, I completed my PGDE in Early Childhood Education at The Education University of Hong Kong and I have been a kindergarten teacher for over seven years. My strength is establishing a strong and trusting relationship with my students. As a passionate and open-minded educator I will ensure that learning takes place in a safe, open and supportive environment so students can become lifelong learners.

我是 Ms. Elaine 我是REGIS的一名中文老師。我在澳洲完成了商業研究學士學位,並在那裡生活了五年。回到香港後,我在香港教育大學完成了幼兒教育的PGDE課程,並擔任了七年多的幼稚園教師。我重視於與我的學生建立緊密且相互信任的關係。作為一個充滿教學熱誠和開明的教育工作者,我將確保學習在安全、開放和支持的環境中進行,以使學生成為終身學習者。

 Ms. Connie

Class Teacher

I have more than 3 years of teaching experience in the early childhood education field. I have worked both in public and private kindergartens. I have learned that good communication skills are important with the students, the parents and my co-workers. I am honoured to be part of the teaching team and would like for my students to develop different aspects under my guidance and care.

我在幼兒教育領域有超過 3 年的教學經驗。我曾在公立和私立幼園工作過。我了解到良好的溝通技巧對學生、家長和我的同事很重要。我很榮幸成為REGIS教學團隊的一員,並希望我的學生在我的指導和照顧下發展不同的方面。

Ms. Lilian

Class Teacher

I have been working as a kindergarten teacher for 5 years and I enjoy the interaction I have with the children. Through constant encouragement, the children learn to trust and open-up themselves. Being fluent in both Putonghua and Cantonese has also helped me. My passion is teaching children music and I have come to realize that through music and songs. I am able to guide the children and inspire self-discipline.

我擔任幼兒園老師已經 5 年了,我喜歡與小朋友互動。通過不斷的鼓勵,以及能操流利的普通話及廣東話下,孩子們更容易打開心房和信任我。另外,我喜愛音樂,我意識到透過音樂能夠引導他們和灌輸常規。

Ms. Cherry

Putonghua Teacher

I have more than two years of experience teaching Putonghua to children. I have a gift of speaking different languages such as English, Putonghua, Cantonese and a dialect from Taiwan. I am very honoured and happy to have obtained my Masters Degree in Mathematics in Hong Kong. I am thrilled to be part of the REGIS team.

我有兩年多教孩子普通話的經驗。我有說英語、普通話、廣東話和台灣方言等不同語言的天賦。能夠在香港獲得數學碩士學位,我感到非常榮幸和高興。我很高興成為 REGIS 團隊的一員。

Ms. Yumi

Class Teacher

I am Ms Yumi. I am a softhearted, patient and optimistic person. I enjoy communicating with children and I am confident in building close relationships with them and do so with great enthusiasm. I have my degree in Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education at the Hong Kong Baptist University. I am thankful to be in the REGIS team and delighted that the children are able to learn and grow in such a happy and comfortable environment and I am a part of their journey.