Respect – Enthusiasm – Genuineness – Individuality – Synergy

Introduction- Vision, Mission and Philosophy




To fulfill a happy childhood for children


Children are our first priority



Children are a treasure chest of priceless jewels. The formative early childhood years of each child is precious and unique making the growth and development of each child our highest priority.


We create a rich and resourceful learning environment, enabling children to learn naturally through play while scaffolding their academic development as we enrich their life experiences. Working closely with the families, we endeavor to fulfill a happy and meaningful childhood for the little ones.



  • To provide a high quality learning programme for our children, in a safe, loving, caring and stimulating environment.
  • To foster creative and caring children, ready to learn and grow together.
  • To develop a meaningful and supportive partnership with our parents and our community.
  • To prepare our children to meet the expectations that schools and parents have for primary school readiness.
  • To support our children in their ongoing learning and development.

Our Curriculum


Exploring Nature

I want to
go outside
and enjoy nature.
Play with twigs,
mud and water,
find insects, dig holes,
and get dirty too!
I want to explore,
I want to learn!

English Language

I want to
act, chant, sing and dance.
To listen to stories,
know values, play games,
and do projects.
I want to use English to have fun
and to understand the world,
I want to learn!



STEAM consolidates the elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, alongside Art and Design. STEAM allows children to develop creativity by approaching different kinds of technology to advance their creative power, flexibility and ingenuity so as to advance children’s ability to think critically and foster innovation. Through coordinating with their friends, the skills of interdependence among children can also be nurtured. The self-discipline and initiative would then be cultivated and they would be trained as self-learning children.

Cognitive Development

I want to
learn how to talk,
to read and to write.
To know the numbers
and to do maths in everyday life.
Make up stories, play games
and discover new things.
I want to make sense of the world,
I want to learn!

Creating Art

I want to
use my imagination
to make things I like.
Work with tape and scissors,
to colour and to paint,
to play with clay,
to build and to shape.
I want to create,
I want to learn!

Play and Music

I want to
act like a grown-up,
be a doctor or a pilot.
Play musical instruments,
to sing and dance.
to show my talents.
I want to perform,
and I want learn!

Physical Activities

I want to
exercise my body in a big open space.
To breathe the fresh air
and feel the sunshine on my face.
I want to run and to jump,
to explore what my body can do.
I want to move,
I want to learn!

Our Children

We work with parents to cultivate in children the ability to:

  • associate with friends, interact and learn with others
  • learn by experiencing through games and life-wide learning activities
  • connect with the natural and social environment
  • explore and share their creativity
  • open up and develop multiple intelligence and abilities
  • build up self-confidence, understand their own uniqueness
  • become effective communicators and collaborators in learning

Other Information


Class Structure

International Class (English) with daily Chinese language learning through stories and songs

Mainstream Class (English/ Cantonese/ Mandarin)



Lower Kindergarten

Upper Kindergarten


Nanny Bus Service Location

Tiu Keng Leng
Hang Hau
Po Lam
Tseung Kwan O
Lohas Park


School Fee


HK$66,000 each year, payable in 12 installments, HK$5,500 per month.


HK$84,000 each year, payable in 12 installments, HK$7,000 per month.



(Mon – Fri)

  Morning Session: 9:00a.m. – 12:00 noon

Afternoon Session: 1:30p.m. – 4:30p.m.

Whole Day Session: 9:00a.m. – 4:30p.m